How do I setup Outlook?

Open Outlook and click Tools and choose Email Accounts.

Then choose "Add a new e-mail account".

Choose the method you would like:

IMAP --> This will keep your email on the server and download headers upon request. This means you must be online to view your email at any time.

POP3 --> This will download the email to your computer and delete it from the server. You can download your email and then disconnect from the internet if you wish, and read your emails offline.

Click Next.

Your Name: This can be anything you wish.
E-Mail address: The email address you are setting up.

Logon Information:
Username: For your default account, this is just your username. For any subsequent mailbox setup, it is where is your domain.
Password: your password for the mailbox

If you experience issues with this, you should set the SMTP to your ISP's SMTP server such as

Click Next.

This should then set the account up with your computer.

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